All about Sea Fishing

You want to go sea fishing, but don’t know where to start?

First you may need a good fishing reel. There is no point spending a fortune if you have never done this before. To start off start with a cheap sea fishing reel. This reel might work for a few months, and if you start enjoying yourself, then you need to upgrade. Other things that you will need before your fishing trip includes, your bait, a cloth to hold spiky fish or wipe your hand on, your tackle, spare spool of line for making rigs, a sharp knife, small first aid kit, a bucket to keep your caught fishes, a small disgorge or pliers.

The most important thing in your fishing equipment’s is your fishing reel. There are two types of reels. One is the fixed spool and the other is the multipliers. The fixed spool is the best choice for an absolute beginner, whereas multipliers can be quite complex for handling as they can bird-nest. That means that all lines get tangled while fishing and it takes longer time to untangle.


sea fishing


The main differences between the two are:

Multipliers can be better at fighting bigger fish. It is used for casting at longer distances. Can be used at rough fishing ground. It is more adaptable to heavy lines. Its drawbacks are that it is not easy to use in the dark and very unforgiving on casting error.

Whereas fixed spool are best at forgiving cast errors, better with lighter lines but the case is not the same with heavy lines. It is better for spinning, feathering ad floats. Not good for distance casting, bringing big fish and adapting to rough fishing ground.

If you are familiar with the fishing terrain and you need to know more about your reels, then the best fishing reels are Penn Battle II 5000, Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX 26.5, Penn SSV4500 and Okuma ABF-90 Avenger. These are the most popular and best sea fishing reels that can be acquired without breaking your bank.

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Mixtape Cover Masters

Are you looking for a trusted, reliable fast-turnaround graphic designer? There are 1000′ of graphic designers out there. The problem isn’t finding one. The problem is finding one that can get the job done right, fast with great communication. Introducing the Mixtape Cover Masters – They offer a super fast same-day finish on all products including a 100% money back guarantee on all services. What this means is that if you for whatever reason don’t like the service or graphics they provide you simply ask for a refund and you’re issued it completely back no questions asked! This is an extremely hard guarantee to find with any graphic designer. It doesn’t stop there… they also offer unlimited edits and revisions on all graphics. Never will you get it right on the first shot and many designers “cap” or put a limit on how many revisions you are allowed before they charge you more. With the MCM your edits are unlimited!






The MCM offer the following graphic design services and specialize in working with artists and musicians: custom mixtape covers, logos, flyers, posters, promotional items and much more. Check these guys out online by searching the mixtape cover masters in Google or Facebook. Senior designer Steve says “before hiring any good designer make sure their communication is great. You can reach these guys by phone fast. Any designer hiding behind a computer and only available by email is someone to avoid”. For your next mixtape project check out these guys. To view there work checking out there website which contain a huge portfolio of work they’ve created. The MCM are soon expanding there offices to California where 80% of their clients resides. This big move will expand even more opportunities to reach more and more clients needing professional graphic design services. We would like to thank the Mixtape cover Masters for there time. Visit them online for additional details.

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Thinking about getting a breast augmentation?

There is no woman in the world who smiles at the sight of a boyishly straight profile. They all wish to enhance their figure and confidence by having more curves and a pear shaped figure. To make this dream come true, most women the world over are opting for breast augmentation which is a cosmetic surgery procedure for forming breasts. However, just like any other surgical procedure, complications may occur.

The procedure

Once the doctors have put the implants in the breast lining, a capsule is usually formed and if it is tight, it can squeeze the implant hence distorting the shape of your breast. In this case, your breast will feel hard to touch although the hardness is not a result of the implant itself hardening but rather the tightening of the capsule. The word for this in Danish is plastikkirurgi and it means plastic surgery.
In order to aid in the healing process, regular massaging is recommended to counter any complications especially in the case of capsular contraction. When the body detects a foreign object, it is bound to build a defense mechanism and in this case, it builds a shell of tissue around the implant. The purpose for massaging is to block the formation of capsule contractual. It is recommended for people with smooth breast implants and not textured implants. Textured implants are firmer usually tear drop or round shaped and the implants move less.
Cosmetic surgeons feel massaging the implants inhibits the hardening of the capsular tissue by moving and manipulating it continuously. Depending on the preference of your surgeon and your individual inclinations, there are two ways through which one can perform breast implant massage namely displacement and compression massage.

breast surgery


Displacement massage- In order to push out the tissue sac, the implant is pushed around the capsule using forceful side to side pinching action. This may not be very effective especially for inexperienced patients when not done correctly.
Compression massage- It involves pushing the implant in one area while making bulge out in other areas in order to stretch out the capsular tissue walls so that they don’t close.

In the initial stages, both procedures should be performed after every few hours and then reduce the frequency with time. Some cosmetic surgeons recommend the massage to be throughout the implants period to keep the tissues soft. However, during the massage, patients must pay attention to the body and in the case of any pain, the procedure should be discontinued. Any shreds of heat or redness at the incision site could be a sign of infection hence stop the procedure and consult your physician.
Women considering this procedure should consult with their surgeons first and inquire about the likelihood of this complication. They should be told the best procedure to undertake in case of a hardened tissue or scar in order to minimize the risks. Although some may be uncomfortable about massaging, it is good to know it is a normal and healthy post-surgery procedure. You can ask your spouse to help in the massage process in order to overcome the anxiety of having new implants and also to become familiar with the breasts.

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Learning How To Play Guitar

As in-person guitar lessons become more expensive, less involved, less popular and online guitar lessons are becoming cheaper, more advanced, and even more thorough than they have ever been, more and more people are beginning to ask the question, “Where can I learn to play guitar online?” Leave your previous notions at the door and realize that online guitar lessons have more to offer than ever before, but this article will help you avoid some of the common pitfalls that you may run into when searching for a good online teacher and program.

Online Guitar Lessons

The internet is becoming more and more popular as a learning medium; this trend is well established when it comes to musical instruction, and in recent years many people have chosen to learn to play guitar online. There are some great programs out on the internet, and with school or work schedules to stick to people just do not have the time to attend a music studio or take one to one tuition at the tutor’s home. With no traveling time or costs involved online tuition is the preferred method of learning guitar by many as in some cases, a qualified instructor cannot be found within driving distance.
These programs are fronted by professional musicians trained to give you the best tuition possible; many have performed with well-known bands. Say goodbye to boring repetitive teaching methods; with the aid of audio, video, and the written word these lessons are made to be interesting, easy to understand and most importantly fun.

basic guitar chords


Så hvis du skal lær at spille guitar er det bedste sted altså De sender dig videre til de bedste sider, hvis du vil lære at spille på internettet.
Learning to play guitar online is really cost effective in comparison to yesterday’s classroom-style, teacher-to-student models that we’re used to, besides saving time and fuel, it also comes along with the added advantage of being able to take your lessons whenever it suits you. Many programs will get you off to a fine start with free guitar lessons, nothing to pay or commit yourself to and if you decide to move on to the main course, later on, you will find the cost of the whole course far less than traditional teaching.


Work Your Way Up

When looking for online guitar tuition always start with the free easy lessons for beginners, then you can eventually work your way up to an advanced level; the instruction style of a good guitar program is always fairly simple and its guidelines doable and so by taking the free lessons you are sampling their style of teaching.
Always take a tour of the website before committing yourself, the program should have a feedback page with comments from pupils both past and present to help in your decision, there will also be an ‘About Us’ page where the instructors will introduce themselves and give some information about their experience and qualifications.
These interactive lessons were put together by musicians and are easy to navigate and understand if you find yourself unsure of anything just hit replay. You will also be able to contact your instructor by email or live chat. One of the best places is by far Guitar Tricks.
Being able to learn to play guitar online has many advantages and progress will be quick and straightforward when coupled with that magic ingredient – PRACTICE!

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Everything is finally set up!

So I have finally set everything up. I will probably change a few things over the course of the next few weeks. I am not 100% satisfied with how everything looks at the moment. I am not the best at setting up websites yet, so I am not sure if it’s my own skills that I am not satisfied with of if it’s the theme that I installed. Anyways I will try to change around a few things.

The last few days I have spent playing guitar. I have become a little rusty since I haven’t picked up the guitar for a few weeks but I will soon catch up again. Let me know if you have ever considered learning how to play guitar or any instrument for that matter. I am a very average guitar player and I am definitely no expert when it comes to teaching, but the guys over at JamPlay have been helping me out a lot. It’s a fairly cheap membership but man, they have so much content that you won’t even believe it. I think you should check it out if you are considering picking up a guitar. My opinion isn’t biased in anyway as I don’t know the guys at JamPlay personally and nor am I an affiliate. If you are a nerd like me you can learn everything there is to know about guitars on this Wikipedia page.

Here is a cool picture I found of a guitar

Life has been fairly quiet the last couple of weeks. Maria, my wife, recently got a breast augmentation in Denmark as some of you may already know if you read her blog. Obviously she isn’t really allowed to do a lot of things, so we have been spending a lot of time sitting at home, eating ice cream and watching Netflix. Sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy life.

We’ve been listening to a lot of Metallica lately. I found some really beautiful covers on YouTube. I’ll link to my favorite at the end of the post. It’s definitely a goal of mine to be able to play the guitar well enough for me to upload a cover on YouTube without being laughed at. It reminded me of when we went to a Metallica concert in Denmark in 2008. That concert is by far my favorite concert I’ve ever been to. Seeing my favorite band play for the first time (from the front row) was the most surreal experience. It was an incomparable feeling. We also saw them play at the Roskilde Festival (I believe in 2014). That was truly also an experience that was out of this world. I hope to see them play again someday and I hope that they release another album before they retire. Death Magnetic was released 8 years ago! Can you believe it? It feels like it was just last year.

Anyways I think this will be it for this post. I apologize for the rambling but it is getting really late here and I am tired. I am looking forward to sharing more memories with you and giving you some tips from my everyday life. I am not quite sure how I want to market my blog yet but hopefully I can get some help or maybe people will it on their own. I am a 100% sure how the internet works but it seems like people get lucky all the time and people find their site. Who knows. A weeks time might pass before I post again. Maria has a checkup this week in Denmark and we have a ton of stuff to see to so I don’t know if I will have the time to post. We will se. Stay tuned!

Until next time

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