About me

Hi guys, Hjalte here. I really appreciate you checking out my site.

I am going to use this site as a place to share random tips I come across and funny stories from my everyday life with you while I am staying in Germany. Well hopefully you will find them funny 😉 As some of you may know I play a lot of guitar, so I will definitely share A LOT of guitar tips and tricks. I will also write a ton of articles on health and fitness/CrossFit related stuff as I value a healthy lifestyle and I think it’s important to exercise. I realize that a lot of people fall in to some unhealthy habits so I will share tips on how I managed to ditch them.

guitar setup
This is a cool picture of my current setup

I have also given my wife permission to post some stories about her everyday life every now and then – she will probably spam you with all kinds of health fitness tips as well.
Please enjoy your stay on my site and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

fitness squat
Wife working out on the leg press machine

Best regards