All about Sea Fishing

You want to go sea fishing, but don’t know where to start?

First you may need a good fishing reel. There is no point spending a fortune if you have never done this before. To start off start with a cheap sea fishing reel. This reel might work for a few months, and if you start enjoying yourself, then you need to upgrade. Other things that you will need before your fishing trip includes, your bait, a cloth to hold spiky fish or wipe your hand on, your tackle, spare spool of line for making rigs, a sharp knife, small first aid kit, a bucket to keep your caught fishes, a small disgorge or pliers.

The most important thing in your fishing equipment’s is your fishing reel. There are two types of reels. One is the fixed spool and the other is the multipliers. The fixed spool is the best choice for an absolute beginner, whereas multipliers can be quite complex for handling as they can bird-nest. That means that all lines get tangled while fishing and it takes longer time to untangle.


sea fishing


The main differences between the two are:

Multipliers can be better at fighting bigger fish. It is used for casting at longer distances. Can be used at rough fishing ground. It is more adaptable to heavy lines. Its drawbacks are that it is not easy to use in the dark and very unforgiving on casting error.

Whereas fixed spool are best at forgiving cast errors, better with lighter lines but the case is not the same with heavy lines. It is better for spinning, feathering ad floats. Not good for distance casting, bringing big fish and adapting to rough fishing ground.

If you are familiar with the fishing terrain and you need to know more about your reels, then the best fishing reels are Penn Battle II 5000, Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX 26.5, Penn SSV4500 and Okuma ABF-90 Avenger. These are the most popular and best sea fishing reels that can be acquired without breaking your bank.