Everything is finally set up!

So I have finally set everything up. I will probably change a few things over the course of the next few weeks. I am not 100% satisfied with how everything looks at the moment. I am not the best at setting up websites yet, so I am not sure if it’s my own skills that I am not satisfied with of if it’s the theme that I installed. Anyways I will try to change around a few things.

The last few days I have spent playing guitar. I have become a little rusty since I haven’t picked up the guitar for a few weeks but I will soon catch up again. Let me know if you have ever considered learning how to play guitar or any instrument for that matter. I am a very average guitar player and I am definitely no expert when it comes to teaching, but the guys over at JamPlay have been helping me out a lot. It’s a fairly cheap membership but man, they have so much content that you won’t even believe it. I think you should check it out if you are considering picking up a guitar. My opinion isn’t biased in anyway as I don’t know the guys at JamPlay personally and nor am I an affiliate. If you are a nerd like me you can learn everything there is to know about guitars on this Wikipedia page.

Here is a cool picture I found of a guitar

Life has been fairly quiet the last couple of weeks. Maria, my wife, recently got a breast augmentation in Denmark as some of you may already know if you read her blog. Obviously she isn’t really allowed to do a lot of things, so we have been spending a lot of time sitting at home, eating ice cream and watching Netflix. Sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy life.

We’ve been listening to a lot of Metallica lately. I found some really beautiful covers on YouTube. I’ll link to my favorite at the end of the post. It’s definitely a goal of mine to be able to play the guitar well enough for me to upload a cover on YouTube without being laughed at. It reminded me of when we went to a Metallica concert in Denmark in 2008. That concert is by far my favorite concert I’ve ever been to. Seeing my favorite band play for the first time (from the front row) was the most surreal experience. It was an incomparable feeling. We also saw them play at the Roskilde Festival (I believe in 2014). That was truly also an experience that was out of this world. I hope to see them play again someday and I hope that they release another album before they retire. Death Magnetic was released 8 years ago! Can you believe it? It feels like it was just last year.

Anyways I think this will be it for this post. I apologize for the rambling but it is getting really late here and I am tired. I am looking forward to sharing more memories with you and giving you some tips from my everyday life. I am not quite sure how I want to market my blog yet but hopefully I can get some help or maybe people will it on their own. I am a 100% sure how the internet works but it seems like people get lucky all the time and people find their site. Who knows. A weeks time might pass before I post again. Maria has a checkup this week in Denmark and we have a ton of stuff to see to so I don’t know if I will have the time to post. We will se. Stay tuned!

Until next time