Thinking about getting a breast augmentation?

There is no woman in the world who smiles at the sight of a boyishly straight profile. They all wish to enhance their figure and confidence by having more curves and a pear shaped figure. To make this dream come true, most women the world over are opting for breast augmentation which is a cosmetic surgery procedure for forming breasts. However, just like any other surgical procedure, complications may occur.

The procedure

Once the doctors have put the implants in the breast lining, a capsule is usually formed and if it is tight, it can squeeze the implant hence distorting the shape of your breast. In this case, your breast will feel hard to touch although the hardness is not a result of the implant itself hardening but rather the tightening of the capsule. The word for this in Danish is plastikkirurgi and it means plastic surgery.
In order to aid in the healing process, regular massaging is recommended to counter any complications especially in the case of capsular contraction. When the body detects a foreign object, it is bound to build a defense mechanism and in this case, it builds a shell of tissue around the implant. The purpose for massaging is to block the formation of capsule contractual. It is recommended for people with smooth breast implants and not textured implants. Textured implants are firmer usually tear drop or round shaped and the implants move less.
Cosmetic surgeons feel massaging the implants inhibits the hardening of the capsular tissue by moving and manipulating it continuously. Depending on the preference of your surgeon and your individual inclinations, there are two ways through which one can perform breast implant massage namely displacement and compression massage.

breast surgery


Displacement massage- In order to push out the tissue sac, the implant is pushed around the capsule using forceful side to side pinching action. This may not be very effective especially for inexperienced patients when not done correctly.
Compression massage- It involves pushing the implant in one area while making bulge out in other areas in order to stretch out the capsular tissue walls so that they don’t close.

In the initial stages, both procedures should be performed after every few hours and then reduce the frequency with time. Some cosmetic surgeons recommend the massage to be throughout the implants period to keep the tissues soft. However, during the massage, patients must pay attention to the body and in the case of any pain, the procedure should be discontinued. Any shreds of heat or redness at the incision site could be a sign of infection hence stop the procedure and consult your physician.
Women considering this procedure should consult with their surgeons first and inquire about the likelihood of this complication. They should be told the best procedure to undertake in case of a hardened tissue or scar in order to minimize the risks. Although some may be uncomfortable about massaging, it is good to know it is a normal and healthy post-surgery procedure. You can ask your spouse to help in the massage process in order to overcome the anxiety of having new implants and also to become familiar with the breasts.